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New Web Site Brings Worldwide Access to People with Spinal Cord Injury

LifeWire Builds Spinal Cord Community with Site Engineered for Easy Access

Wednesday February 16, 7:45 am Eastern Time
Company Press Release
SOURCE: Mediapolis

NEW YORK, Feb. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Mediapolis and LifeWire, Inc. announced today the launch of (, a groundbreaking new website that offers online services, resources and community features to individuals with disabling conditions related to spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, post polio and other chronic ailments. SpineWire is a feature-rich web destination that includes robust databases, interactive community forums, and search tools for consumers, caregivers, physicians and advocacy groups.

LifeWire Inc. was founded by CEO Mark Pinney, who has been living with a spinal cord injury for more than 10 years and is also a co-founder of Internet advertising firm Real Media. Another LifeWire founder is world-renowned neurological scientist Dr. Wise Young, who runs the W.M. Keck Center for Collaborative Neurosciences at Rutgers University. Both founders see SpineWire as an integral first step toward leveraging the Internet's power to improve the lives of people with chronic disabling conditions and their caregivers.

SpineWire's user interface (with minimal scrolling, fewer necessary keystrokes and larger, strategically-placed buttons) is designed to be more accessible to web surfers with various special needs. For example, site visitors who do not have full use of their hands and may operate their keyboard and mouse with their mouths will find SpineWire's innovative interface easier to navigate than conventional websites. SpineWire is engineered by Silicon Alley-based Mediapolis using its exclusive Iowa(TM) software technology.

"We feel that our objective, to make SpineWire the deepest Internet resource available to our market, has been maximized by working with Mediapolis,'' relates LifeWire CEO, Mark Pinney. "They understand that our audience has very unique Internet needs with respect to website functionality, navigation and design, and Mediapolis has worked with us every step to guarantee we deliver on our customer promise.''

At the heart of SpineWire is the Iowa(TM) software suite. Iowa(TM) enables SpineWire editors to publish up-to-the-minute news and medical breakthroughs directly to the site, from anywhere in the world, using a standard Web browser. They can also change button size, button placement and other user interface elements with no HTML or programming experience. Further, Iowa(TM) integrates the open source power of Apache and PERL with exclusive Iowa(TM) feature modules making SpineWire easy to maintain and  completely scaleable without any architectural limitations.

"To produce SpineWire, Mediapolis has drawn on years of experience building community websites and building the Web's most respected health and medical sites,'' said Carl Pritzkat, co-founder of Mediapolis, Inc. "SpineWire creates community by giving people with spinal cord injury a place where they can learn and communicate about issues that matter.''

LifeWire's General Manager David Keefe adds, "By leveraging the Iowa software suite, LifeWire now has the ability to scale our editorial features and service offerings, which benefit both our growing audience and business partners going forward. This in turn makes us better positioned for growth.''

Mediapolis ( creates technology that simplifies the production of high profile, high performance websites. Iowa(TM) by Mediapolis combines customized open code software with industry-standard hardware to create tools and feature modules easily deployed for any project. Since 1994, Mediapolis has used the Iowa(TM) software suite to build more than 100 sites for clients ranging from Fortune 50s to bootstrap startups.

LifeWire Inc., founded in 1998, is a leading provider of Internet-based resources for individuals who have experienced life-changing or disabling conditions, and their support communities. The firm's first website serves the needs of individuals who live with spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, post polio and other conditions. The company is based in the Silicon Alley district of New York City.

SOURCE: Mediapolis