Multiple Sclerosis News for February 2000

29th February 2000:  Rebif Study

29th February 2000:  Adaptive Ski Program

28th February 2000:  Paclitaxel/Secondary Progressive

28th February 2000:  Euthanasia/Netherlands

28th February 2000:  Flaws in Meta-Analytical Studies

28th February 2000:  Aspartame

27th February 2000:  Neurotransplantation in Stroke Is Safe, Feasible

24th February 2000:  New Cells in Bird Brains

24th February 2000:

24th February 2000:  Complications w/ Assisted Suicides

24th February 2000:  Stem Cell Transplant

23rd February 2000:  Belinda Battling MS

22nd February 2000: Austin Marathoner w/ MS

17th February 2000:  Electric Impulses for Tremors

17th February 2000:

17th February 2000:  Exercise Health Club Obstacles

17th February 2000:  Exercise Pace Yourself

14th February 2000:  FampridineSR

14th February 2000:  SAIK-MS

12th February 2000:  Specialty On Line Store

12th February 2000:  Ampakines/Sexual Dysfunction

11th February 2000:  Ganciclovir/HHV-6/MS

10th February 2000:  Genes Involved in Immune Response Pathways

9th February 2000:    Charges Against Suicidal Couple Dropped

9th February 2000:    Privacy of Prescription Drug Data

8th February 2000:    AF-1, Inosine, Stimulating Axon Growth

7th February 2000:    Mother Daughter wMS

6th February 2000:    Celebrity Sells

6th February 2000:    Hippotherapy

6th February 2000:    The Big Risk Disability Insurance

3rd February 2000:    UK/Betaseron

3rd February 2000:    CDC Diverting Funds & Lying Again

2nd February 2000:    Immune System Response to SCI's

2nd February 2000:    PWMS/Nursing Home/Housing

1st February 2000:     Luey/Bloodborn Bacteria

1st February 2000:     Avonex/First Event