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Couple will sell home to buy drug for MS son

By Sally Pook

A COUPLE plan to sell their £200,000 house to pay for the drug beta interferon for their son who is suffering from multiple sclerosis.

For Martin Beresford, 70, and his wife Margaret, 64, it is the last resort in their battle to prevent their son from suffering further relapses.

Duncan Beresford, 42, a motorcycle scrambling champion when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 20 years ago, has been passed suitable for beta interferon, his parents said.

However, Southern Derbyshire Health Authority has told the family that it cannot afford the annual £10,000 bill for the drug. It funds beta interferon for 11 of the 63 patients assessed for the treatment in its area.

Mr Beresford said: "We have been told those who receive the drug will keep on getting it and the rest have next [ ]to no chance for the near future at least. We are desperate, and selling our cottage appears to be the last option. Duncan's health is far more important and we would be prepared to live in a council house if needs be."

The Beresfords, of Ashleyhay, Derbys, said that their son was being cared for by his wife, Linda, at their home a mile away in the town of Wirksworth.

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