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About the Hulk And the Slacker Generation

November 24, 2003
Martha King

Managing anger is no laughing matter, even if the Hulk makes us giggle. He's got a comic-book problem. People with MS live real life, as our reporter Joyce Render Cohen, aided by her psychologist sister Gayle R. Dinerstein, points out (page 22). Their take-home message is in two parts: First, anger is a normal, human reaction to MS. Second, while it may never go away, anger can be distracted, diffused, and redirected. It doesn't have to swallow up everything in its path-it can even become a positive force for change.

Making this happen is probably too huge a job to do alone.

Whether help comes from a peer with MS, a partner, a support group, a mental-health professional, a spiritual advisor, or any combination of these or others hardly matters. What does matter is acknowledging that it's not only okay to ask for some help, it may be essential. One option is to pick up the phone and dial 1-800-FIGHT-MS (1-800-344-4867). All calls to the Society are confidential; all chapters have referral lists, affiliated self-help groups, programs, and resources.

All chapters also have a few members who are under 21. Hi, guys! They tend to feel a bit left out, so we're taking some steps to remedy that. Our Web site "Teens Speak Out," for kids in a family touched by MS, now includes a special corner for teens with MS-and we look forward to posting letters, stories, and artwork from this group. (Go to teeninms-contents.asp.)

We're also proud to introduce you to six young people (see page 28)-too young to be called Gen X and way too hard-working, hopeful, and resilient to deserve the tag "slacker".

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