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Single mom's salary can't cover rent

December 14, 2003
Janine Mellini
Daily Record

Wilma (Case B23) is always thinking of others.

This single mother is raising a 12-year-old daughter and a 2-year-old son without the help of family or the children's father. Wilma, 36, works full time as a nurse's aide. Until recently, her monthly income had been sufficient to cover basic expenses, including rent on her small apartment.

Unfortunately, that's going to change soon. Wilma's landlord just informed her that he's raising the rent by $100 a month. That increase is going to be too much of a stretch for Wilma's salary. She is very worried about how she is going to manage, with two young children depending on her.

Operation Holiday would like to give Wilma the help she requires by providing she and her children with a few items they need in time for the holidays.

As the holidays near, Wilma doesn't want to worry her children.

Although they're used to getting a few modest gifts under the tree, Wilma isn't looking forward to explaining why there will be nothing there this year. She doesn't want to disappoint them, but with things the way they are, there's no way to avoid it unless she gets help.

Now in its 32nd year, Operation Holiday, with help from our readers, hopes to ease the anguish of needy Morris County residents by providing them with the items they need but cannot afford and by fulfilling some of their very special holiday wishes. Operation Holiday is a partnership made up of The Woman's Club of Morristown and the Daily Record.

Since 1971, Operation Holiday has raised more than $1.7 million to help Morris County's less fortunate men, women and children. Last year, donations to the campaign totaled more than $130,000.

The Woman's Club of Morristown, 51 South St., Morristown, will be open Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. to accept donations for this year's campaign.

Wilma has asked for nothing for herself, but she says her daughter would love to receive a Disney Monopoly game and that her son would enjoy some picture or learning books appropriate for a 2-year-old.

Wilma's daughter also could use a shirt, women's size large; jeans, size 13 junior; gloves and underwear (size 6). For her son, Wilma has requested a shirt, sweatpants and a coat in size 4 toddlers. He also needs underwear in size 5. Even though she has asked for nothing, Wilma would benefit from receiving a sweater, size medium; and sweatpants, size medium.

Melvin (J31) has had a big disappointment. Every year, the 38-year-old developmentally disabled man visits Puerto Rico with his family during the holidays. Some financial setbacks prevent the family from taking Melvin along with them this year, so he'll have to remain behind at the group home where he lives. Not only will Melvin miss his family at Christmas, he'll miss out on a trip he's come to expect.

A few simple gifts would bring a lot of cheer into Melvin's life right now. He would like a pair of sneakers, size 11; twin-size sheets and comforter; some fire truck toys; a sweatsuit in men's large; two shirts in men's large; and a watch.

Multiple sclerosis has drastically changed Debbie's (Case D83) life.

Once an independent career woman, Debbie now is unable to work. Making ends meet on a fixed income has become increasingly difficult as her medical expenses continue to spiral. Her deteriorating health and resulting financial problems will make Debbie's holidays less than joyful this year.

To cheer her up, those who help care for Debbie have asked for six pairs of women's socks, size 8½ to 9; snow boots, women's 8½ wide; a winter parka with hood, size XL; a set of twin flannel sheets; a small electric heater with fan; and some food store certificates.

Readers who respond to this year's Operation Holiday with their dollars and donations of new items can be sure that everyone who comes to us for aid is genuinely in need. Each Operation Holiday case has been recommended by one of more than 20 social service agencies in Morris County.

Contributions to this year's Operation Holiday campaign can be mailed to Operation Holiday, P.O. Box 6382, Parsippany, NJ 07054.

Donations are tax-deductible and every penny goes to help needy people. All administrative costs are covered by the sponsors, and all work is done by volunteers.

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