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Problems in diagnosing cranial base meningioma in patients with multiple sclerosis

Neurol Sci. 2003 Nov;24(4):296-8
Mitosek-Szewczyk K, Stelmasiak Z.
Obywatelska 9/25 str., 20-092, Lublin, Poland.

A 49-year-old patient had been suffering from the relapsing-remitting form of multiple sclerosis since the age of 23.

Attacks of the disease appeared every 2 years in the form of right-sided hemiparesis, vertigo, and problems in maintaining balance.

The symptoms disappeared after treatment.

At the age 32 retrobulbar inflammation of the second cranial nerve appeared with visual acuity weakness.

The symptoms disappeared after treatment.

At the age of 42, bilateral weakness of visual acuity appeared and then epileptic attacks occurred.

After surgical treatment of meningioma the symptoms disappeared.

Only the features of a psychoorganic syndrome remained.

The following attack of MS appeared 2 years after surgical intervention.

MRI of the head disclosed numerous demyelinating foci.