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Physiopathology of multiple sclerosis

Neurol Sci. 2003 Dec;24 Suppl 5:S287-90
Visconti A, Santucci S, Figa Talamanca L, Cannoni S, Ristori G, Salvetti M.
Department of Neurology, S. Andrea Hospital, La Sapienza University of Rome, Via Grottarossa 1035-1039, I-00189, Rome, Italy.

Pleiotropy and redundancy are distinctive elements of the immune response.

Recent research into the inflammatory component of multiple sclerosis (MS) indicates that, as expected, pleiotropy and redundancy characterize various physiopathological mechanisms of the disease.

A certain degree of redundancy is becoming apparent also as far as the degenerative component is concerned.

Cumulatively, these data suggest that treatments that target single pathogenetic pathways are unlikely to provide a definitive solution.

Combination therapies may offer, in principle, some advantage, although there is a need for more information on the aetiology of the disease.