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December 2, 2003
Shelley Peterman Schwarz
Real Living with Multiple Sclerosis


Dear Readers:

I'm often asked about products that make drinking from a cup or glass easier. I've found a resource that offers three unique and innovative products. The products are from: Sammons Preston (PO Box 5071; Bolingbrook, IL 60440-5071; 800-323-5547; fax: 800-547-4333;

The Nosey Cup, available in 4-, 8-, and 12-oz. sizes, has an opening for the nose that allows drinking without tilting the head. The Transparent Mug, with two handles for easy gripping, is a clear, high-strength plastic mug with a snap-on lid. It has a 10-oz. capacity and a wide base to help prevent tipping. The Kennedy Cup is a 7-oz. cup designed to be used with a straw. Its unique design and secure cover makes it virtually spill-proof. all three items are made of dishwasher-safe plastic and cost less than $15.


No-Stick Cactus Planting

When planting or transplanting a cactus, use a rolled-up newspaper to grab the plant and move it. The thickness of the newspaper will protect your hands from the prickly plant.


Be Prepared

Here's a simple way to keep important medical information at your fingertips. On one side of an index card, put the names and telephone numbers of your physicians, therapists, counselors, hospitals, and clinics. You may also want to include the name of your clergy person, family members, and close friends. On the other side of the card, write the names of your medications and the dosages, along with how long you've been taking them. Don't forget to include any drug allergies you have. Keep the index card updated and carry it in your wallet so it's handy when you need it.

-Carol Burnbee

Like Clockwork

I'm blind and find it helpful when waitresses tell me where my food is on the plate. If you imagine it as a clock, they will say, "Your steak is at 6, the potatoes are at 8, and the salt and pepper are at 12, above your plate."


Now You're Cookin'

I look for recipes that call for uncooked rice or pasta, which eliminate the difficult step of draining the pot. I also use recipes that mix all the ingredients together to cook as a single dish.


Hospital Stay Tips

When you're hospitalized, find out what time the nurses' shifts change so that you can ask for anything you need at least an hour earlier, when they aren't so busy writing up reports and performing other change-of-shift duties. In an emergency, if no one comes when you press your call button, use the bedside phone and call the hospital operator to be connected to the nurses' station.

-Mary G.

Just To-Do It

Before leaving work on a long weekend or vacation, I used to jot a few notes to myself on where to begin when I returned. It makes it easier to answer the question, "Now where was I?" Although I'm retired now, I use the same note technique at home when I'm finished working on a project for the day. -via e-mail

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