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European clinical trial network proposed

December 19, 2003
Boston Cure Project

A group of European MS doctors and scientists are proposing the creation of a European Network for Multiple Sclerosis Trials (ENMST). This network would be formed by a number of MS clinical sites and would work toward goals such as:

(a) the funding of more industry-independent studies,
(b) allowing clinical investigators to have more input in the design of trials and interpretation of outcome data, and
(c) the development of standards for clinical trials that would make them easier to compare with one another.

Basically, these clinicians and scientists are hoping that through organization and cooperation, they can have a larger influence on MS therapeutic research than they could have separately. Such networks are already in place for other diseases like diabetes. Hopefully there will also be an opportunity for patients to be involved, since they are the real beneficiaries of and participants in clinical trials -- also hopefully similar approaches will be taken in other countries like the US.


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