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Born with caring genes

Thursday, 27 November 2003
Juliet Smith
Otago Daily Times

Caring has to be in the blood, says the winner of a Multiple Sclerosis (MS) national caring award.

Christina Harrison has been a full-time caregiver from the age of 17, when her mother had a severe stroke.

After looking after her mother, Mrs Harrison went on to care for her great-aunt, her husband, who was terminally ill, and her son, who was diagnosed with MS in 1989.

At one stage, she was the primary caregiver for her husband as well as her son. She attributes her dedicated role to having been born with the right genes for caring.

"I think it's a thing that is born in you, or not. Some people can do it and some people can't. I find it very rewarding," she said.

Mrs Harrison was awarded the 2003 Esme Tombleson Caregiver of the Year Award at the Otago MS Society yesterday. She was chosen out of 25 national nominations. Her win enables her to be nominated for an international MS carers award.

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