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An Unusual Day

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December 2, 2003
Teresa Campbell
Real Living with Multiple Sclerosis

IT WAS 9 A.M. and I was about to start drinking my coffee and reading the paper when the phone rang. It was Mike, the owner of the house next door. he said I might hear a man on his roof, as he was having some work done.

A few minutes later, I heard glass breaking and a man yelling. I grabbed my walker and headed toward my front door. I could see a mans leg hanging through a portion of my glass skylight, and blood was dripping down his leg and onto the wall. I asked him if he could get out. he replied that he could lift himself up by holding onto the roof, but he was hurt. I asked him if he could make it to the front of the house and he said he could, so I arranged to meet him on the front steps.

I grabbed my bandage kit and rode my chair lift down to the basement, where I sat on my electric cart and headed out. When I met Tim, a young man in cut-off jeans, I could see he was only about 18 years old and very apprehensive. he said he had slid on the roof and ended up crashing through part of my skylight. I inspected his wound, which was long with jagged edges, and cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide before I applied a bandage. he was on the cell phone with Mike, who was across town and couldn't get there for about 45 minutes.

Neighbor to the rescue

I told Tim that if he could get in my van, I'd take him to the local emergency department. Because so many of the emergency departments have closed due to budget cuts, I had to take him to a hospital across town. I drove my electric cart into my van and backed up for him to have easy access to the front seat next to me. As we drove along, he told me he was a handyman and could fix about anything.

When we arrived at the emergency department, Mike was there and arranged for Tim's medical care. Mike told me that he'd repair any damage that had been done.

The next day I heard someone on the roof and was surprised to see that it was Tim. he said he felt fine and showed me the bandage on his leg. He said the physician at the hospital had asked if a nurse had put on the original dressing. I told him that I'd been a nurse but was now retired.

Tim told me that Mike had already contacted a repairman to fix the broken glass, and he thanked me again for my assistance. I felt good. I had MS but MS did not have me. I could still accomplish many things.

Editor's note: It's not recommended that individuals take such matters into their own hands. Calling "911" is strongly encouraged.

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