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NEW 'Just Diagnosed' Booklet

6th December 2002

The Multiple Sclerosis Society has launched a new range of
evidence-based and professionally-reviewed publications to help people
affected by MS and the health professionals who care for them.

'Just diagnosed: an introduction to MS' is a 36-page pocket-size booklet
which answers in clear language the questions people with MS told the
Society they had asked at the time of their own diagnosis.

It starts by explaining what we know about MS, how it affects different
people in different ways and how diagnosis is made. It then describes
the very varied symptoms of the condition, what treatments are available
and how to help manage life with MS. Sources of professional help and
information are included.

More questions are answered in MS Essentials, a new MS Society series of
16-page booklets covering different aspects of living with MS. The
first three are 'Managing relapses', 'MS, memory and thinking' and 'MS
and insurance'.

Managing relapses helps the reader understand more about MS 'attacks',
looks at the use of steroids and new disease-modifying drugs in treating
them and highlights the increasingly important role multidisciplinary
rehabilitation can play in improving quality of life.

MS, memory and thinking describes the various cognitive problems which
can affect people with MS and suggests ways of coping, with and without
professional help.

MS and insurance is a plain language guide to how the condition may
affect insurance cover, what to look for in policies, fair treatment
from insurers and where to go for further help.

The MS Society has also published four-page leaflets on the three main
forms of MS - relapsing remitting, secondary progressive and primary
progressive and their management, written by its medical adviser
Professor Alan Thompson of the National Hospital for Neurology and

All publications are available FREE of charge on written request from;
the Information Team, Multiple Sclerosis Society, MS National Centre,
372 Edgware Road, London NW2 6ND.