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SynGenix announces development candidate for neuropathic pain

Monday December 2, 08:03 AM
Cambridge, England

SynGenix Limited ( ), a leading company developing drugs and delivery systems for treatment of diseases of the nervous system, announced today the nomination of a drug development candidate, SGX 355, for long acting relief of neuropathic pain based upon its proprietary Controlled KineticsTM technology.

Neuropathic pain can be associated with a diverse variety of conditions including diabetic neuropathy, amputation, multiple sclerosis and back pain. It is poorly treated by existing medication and has been a major target of pharmaceutical research. SynGenix' Controlled KineticsTM technology has been developed with the derivative of a known medication which is expected to result in significantly improved treatment for neuropathic pain.

SynGenix' Controlled KineticsTM technology utilizes advanced drug design chemistry to improve the physical characteristics of drugs and provide drug release systemically. For example, drugs with poor solubility can be formulated for significantly improved bioavailability. In addition, a product based on SynGenix' Controlled KineticsTM technology has been shown to be effective over about a one week period following a single dose.

SynGenix is building a portfolio of drugs to treat conditions of the nervous system based upon enhancement of existing medicines through targeting and modification of physical properties. The therapeutic benefit of known medicines can be significantly enhanced through increased bioavailability and/or concentration at the site of action. This allows for a safer and more predicable pathway to addressing unmet medical needs compared to development of an entirely new chemical entity.

"SynGenix' delivery systems are providing platforms for a new generation of drugs for treatment of pain and neurological disease", said Tom Saylor, CEO of SynGenix. "SGX 355 for neuropathic pain is the first of a range of products built around Controlled KineticsTM technology which can offer greatly improved therapeutic benefits from existing drugs. "

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