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Analysis of MRI patterns in patients with multiple sclerosis

Sb Lek 2001;102(4):511-7
Vaneckova M.
Radiodiagnosticka klinika 1. lekarske fakulty Univerzity Karlovy a Vseobecne fakultni nemocnice v Praze, Czech Republic.

The sensitivity of magnetic resonance (MR) investigation in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) like demyelinizating disease is about 95%; the specificity of investigation is markedly lower.

There is no known modality of MR investigation being specific for MS.

Author estimated a distribution pattern of increased signal lesions on T2WI in a cohort of 150 patients with above-mentioned diagnosis.

She assumes that these results, with additional statistic comparison to distribution patterns of lesions in other diseases coming most commonly to consider in differential diagnosis algorithm, might contribute to enhance specificity of the investigation.

Regions of occurrence were divided to supratentorial (100% occurrence) and infratentorial (29%).

These basic regions were further split and the occurrence of lesions in particular anatomical structures was assessed.