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Acquisition of functional MHC class II/peptide complexes by T cells during thymic development and CNS-directed pathogenesis

Cell Immunol 2002 Nov;218(1-2):13-25
Walker MR, Mannie MD.
Department of Microbiology and Immunology, East Carolina University School of Medicine, 27858-4354, Greenville, NC, USA

This study provides evidence that both rat and mouse thymic and splenic T cells express significant levels of MHC class II glycoproteins (MHCII) in vivo.

Derivation of rat and mouse chimeras revealed that a major source of MHCII on thymic T cells was acquired from radioresistant host APC.

Expression of MHC on thymic T cells appeared physiologically relevant because presentation of rat myelin basic protein (RMBP) by nonadherent, radiosensitive thymic T cells was associated with the adoptive transfer of tolerance.

Mature MBP-specific effector T cells isolated from the CNS in both rat and mouse models of EAE also expressed significant levels of MHCII.

Adoptive transfer of activated B10.PL MBP/I-A(u)-restricted TCR transgenic T cells into F1(C57BL/6xB10.PL) mice revealed acquisition of allogeneic I-A(b) on encephalitogenic CNS-derived T cells.

Overall, this study indicates that immature and mature T cells in rats and mice acquire functional MHCII in vivo during thymic development and pathogenic inflammation.