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Bilateral peripheral retinal neovascularization in a patient with multiple sclerosis

J Fr Ophtalmol 2002 Oct;25(8):813-6
Katsimpris JM, Petropoulos JK, Pharmakakis NM.
Clinique d'Ophtalmologie, Hopital General de Patras Agios Andreas , Grece.

We present the case of a 32-year-old man suffering from multiple sclerosis who had developed bilateral peripheral neovascularization of the retina.

The main disease had been diagnosed 10 years before, whereas in his ophthalmic history the patient reported an incident of retrobulbar optic neuritis in his left eye occurring 3 years before.

The patient was referred to our clinic in order to investigate the cause of a sudden loss of vision in his left eye.

Ophthalmic examination and fluorescein angiography revealed the presence of a bilateral peripheral retinal neovascularization with an intravitreous hemorrhage in the left eye.

Systemic clinical and laboratory investigation were negative for other causes of retinal neovascularization except multiple sclerosis, which is associated with periphlebitis in 10% of cases.

Chronic retinal ischemia may lead to retinal neovascularization.