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Chat online about "Managing Relapses

Your chance to speak to Professor Alan Thompson in person about managing relapses at the MS Society's first live Online Chat session

A brief note about Professor Alan Thompson:

Professor Thompson is the Medical Director of the Neuro-rehabilitation Unit, Associate Clinical Director and Director of Research and Development at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery and the MS Society's Medical Advisor.

His particular research interests are the mechanisms underlying disability and recovery in neurological disorders, particularly multiple sclerosis (MS), and the development of clinical outcome measures and their application in the evaluation of rehabilitation and symptom management. He has developed standards of health care for people with MS with the MS Society. These are now used throughout the country.

So come back on 16th December 2002 at 2pm to chat with Professor Alan Thompson,who will answer those crucial questions about managing relapses more easily.

Can't be there on 16th? Ask your question now...

If you can't chat on the 16th, you can still ask a question. Post your question to Ginny and, if we get a chance, we'll ask the question on your behalf.

You'll be able to see the answer in the transcript that we publish afterwards.

Can you chat?

If you'd like to try chatting before the event on the 16th, why not join the general chats at Jooly's Joint, it's the same system we'll be using so you can work out how things work at your leisure.