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Triumph of the Spirit -- Multiple Sclerosis Survivor Says Laughter Can Beat the Disease in New Book

Tuesday December 3, 12:12 AM
West Valley, Utah

"Schoolteacher Shoots MS!" (now available through 1stBooks Library) is a mind-expanding view of how multiple sclerosis (MS) may attack a person's nervous system, but may not necessarily destroy her will to live. In fact, as author, schoolteacher and real-life MS survivor Beverly Beal reveals in her personal book "Schoolteacher Shoots MS!", this debilitating disease can be overcome simply through rock-solid faith and laughter.

A whimsical outlook regarding the author's struggle against physical adversity, "Schoolteacher Shoots MS!" addresses the disease in a humorous, realistic approach. It endeavors readers and those suffering from the illness to move on and live life fully.

A semi-autobiographical narrative, "Schoolteacher Shoots MS!" covers a wide range of topics relating to the deadly disease. It not only shares personal experiences of the author but also shows results from present research and doctors' viewpoints regarding MS. The illness is definitely not amusing, but "Schoolteacher Shoots MS!" pokes fun at this incapacitating malady only to teach readers and those afflicted by MS that there is a ray of light amid dark and trying situations. With multiple sclerosis reaching epidemic proportions, this book is a timely and reliable source of information and motivation.

Beverly Beal's little vignettes of hope are wonderful sources of inspiration not just to those special people who are experiencing the pain of the disease but also to the majority of people out there. Readers may draw parallels in their own lives through different accounts of the author evoking mix feelings of joy, melancholy and empathy. Beal's brisk, witty and lively prose provides a welcome counterpoint to an otherwise brutal reality.

Beverly Beal is one person who refuses to be bogged down by an obnoxious disease. She is determined to fight and believes that humor helps her to become resilient everyday. She currently resides in West Valley, Utah.


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