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MEP to admit pot possession

Thursday December 13, 02:34 AM

LONDON (Reuters) - A British member of the European Parliament (MEP) plans to turn himself in to police for cannabis possession in support of a constituent facing charges over the drug, his spokeswoman said.

Chris Davies's constituent Colin Davies -- no relation -- is due to appear in court on Thursday after being arrested in November at the Amsterdam-style cannabis cafe he ran, police said.

"I want to draw attention to the experience of my constituent, founder of the Dutch Experience Coffee Shop in Stockport," the spokeswoman quoted Davies, a Liberal Democrat, as saying. Davies, an MEP for northwest England, would turn himself in on Saturday, she said.

Colin Davies' cafe sold cannabis for recreational purposes but gave the illegal drug free to those who felt they needed it for medical purposes, his brother Mark said. He said Colin Davies smoked cannabis to alleviate pain resulting from a car accident six years ago.

"The people who will miss out most are those in the Multiple Sclerosis Cannabis Association," Mark Davies said.

Many people say that the symptoms of multiple sclerosis and other diseases are alleviated by cannabis. British commentators have called in recent months for the drug to be legalised and the government has promised to at least relax laws against it.

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