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Thursday, December 13, 2001 - 04:02 PM ET 

Imagine not being able to go to a doctor's office because you can't be lifted from a wheelchair to an examination table. Breaking such barriers is the focus of a unique new service now being offered by Magee Women's Hospital.

Jorgene Selelyo, 55, says getting to the doctor was a challenge -- until now.

"What is more difficult is getting onto an examination table because I can't stand or get out of the chair myself and there have been no facilities and no health programs that were able to do it at home."

Jorgene Selelyo, Home Visit Patient

Through Magee's new Home-Based Gynecological and Breast Care Program, though, women with multiple sclerosis can get the healthcare they need -- from breast cancer screenings to pelvic exams -- in the comfort of their homes.

Under the program, a visiting nurse/midwife Cathy Caton and UMPC's clinical nurse Margie O'Leary, work together to do breast, gynecological and physical exams inside the home.

"Most of the women I see have not had a pap test or a breast exam anywhere from five to fifteen years. They have such severe disability, it is so difficult for them to get out of their home and get to a physician's office -- and because most physician offices don't have people there who can help lift them or undress them."

Cathy Caton, Visiting Nurse/Midwife

The home visits are covered by insurance -- and are free for those without coverage who can't afford the exams.

For more information on the program, call 1-800-544-5250, e-mail Anne Mageras, or log on to the following links:

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