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Cranial nerve, brainstem and cerebellar syndromes in the differential diagnosis of multiple sclerosis

Online publication: December 5, 2001
Neurological Sciences
Abstract Volume 22 Issue 8 (2001) pp S74-S78
M. Zaffaroni, S. M. Baldini, A. Ghezzi
Multiple Sclerosis Study Center, Department of Neurology, Gallarate Hospital, Via Pastori 4, I-21013 Gallarate, Italy


A clinically isolated syndrome indicating a pathological process involving the cranial nerves or the posterior fossa may constitute a hard diagnostic challenge for the clinician.

Whereas internuclear ophthalmoplegia, for example, is almost pathognomonic of multiple sclerosis (MS), other clinical presentations are often puzzling.

The main alternative causes of symptoms that may suggest a clinical onset of MS are reviewed here, grouped in principal clinical syndromes, with particular attention to some rare, recently recognised conditions.

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