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Differential diagnosis of acute myelopathies

Online publication: December 5, 2001
Neurological Sciences
Abstract Volume 22 Issue 8 (2001) pp S60-S64
A. Ghezzi, S. M. Baldini, M. Zaffaroni
Multiple Sclerosis Study Center, Department of Neurology, Gallarate Hospital, Via Pastori, 4, I-21013 Gallarate, Italy


Diagnosis of acute myelopathy applies to subjects with acute motor involvement, segmental sensory loss and sphincter dysfunction, reaching a maximum no later than 4 weeks after onset.

Among the different causes of acute myelopathy (e.g. compressive, vascular, traumatic or toxic lesions, paraneoplastic involvement and electrical injury), acute myelitis due to infective agents or to an autoimmune-inflammatory process frequently causes problems relating to the differential diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS) and its potential risk of developing MS.

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