More MS news articles for December 2000

Update: Appraisal of Interferon Beta / glatiramer for Multiple Sclerosis. 15.12.00

15 December 2000

The Institute’s Appraisal Review Meeting for MS took place on the 13th of December 2000.

The Appraisal Committee considered the original evidence in light of the appeal panel’s decision, in addition they considered some new evidence and heard again from the groups that represent people with MS and their carers. The groups were the MS Society and the MS Research Trust and their representatives included people with MS.

The Appraisal Committee will now produce a document that will contain their recommendations on the use of Interferon beta and glatiramer for the treatment of MS within the NHS.

This document will be sent to all the consultees involved in the appraisal on the 2nd January 2000. , The consultees will then have an opportunity to either consult on or appeal the document.

Consultees are the national organisations that represent patients and carers; this includes the MS Society and the MS Research trust. Consultees also include the national groups that represent heath professionals and the manufacturers of the technology. The current process we follow means that this consultation is confidential to these groups.

The earliest the committee’s decision could be published to the NHS is end of January/ beginning of February next year. The exact date will depend on the outcome of the appeal/consultation.

NICE follows the same process for each of its appraisals. This process was developed after 2 years public consultation. The process allows patient/carer groups, manufacturers and healthcare professionals to prepare & submit information to the committee. These same groups are then consulted on the committee’s views and are offered the opportunity to appeal.

Full details of the process we follow, the guidance we have issued to date and the membership of committee are provided through this site.