Multiple Sclerosis News for December 2000

29th Dec 2000     New Research on Antidepressants

29th Dec 2000     Decriminalising cannabis for medicinal use

28th Dec 2000     Biotech Drugs/Patents

28th Dec 2000     Proteins Induce Regeneration Of Mouse Axons

28th Dec 2000     Hiccoughs Treatment

28th Dec 2000     Disabled careers in Michigan

28th Dec 2000     Botox Receives FDA Approval

28th Dec 2000     Canada: Critical illness insurance

28th Dec 2000     Top Five Medical Breakthroughs of 2000

28th Dec 2000     What to Expect from 2001

27th Dec 2000     Story Of MS Parent

27th Dec 2000     Diets/Autoimmune Diseases

27th Dec 2000     Anxiety drug/Phase 1 trials

27th Dec 2000     New MS Clinic in Texas

27th Dec 2000     Hospitals/Pain Relief

26th Dec 2000     NICE: Beta Interferon - More Research Needed

26th Dec 2000     NICE - Guilty Of Breathtaking Bungling

26th Dec 2000     Campath: Monoclonal Antibody Drug For Leukemia and MS

26th Dec 2000     Lab Made Stem Cells For Transplants

26th Dec 2000     NMSS Promotion: Is Your Donation Being Used Wisely

26th Dec 2000     Gene Therapy via a Virus

26th Dec 2000     New Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

22nd Dec 2000     du Pre/New Film

22nd Dec 2000     Lupus May Have Simple Cause

22nd Dec 2000     PWMS/Singer-Songwriter

22nd Dec 2000     Med MJ/Contract in Canada

22nd Dec 2000     Privacy Rules/Medical Records

22nd Dec 2000     The Social Psychology of Illness Support Groups

22nd Dec 2000     MS/Abnormal Neuronal Activity

22nd Dec 2000     Woman w/MS Stranded at Airport

22nd Dec 2000     Recipe for new body parts

21st Dec 2000     Avanir's AVP-923 enters Phase II/III trials

21st Dec 2000     UK Human Embryo Cloning Bill Passes

21st Dec 2000     Garth Brooks in W/C legal suit

21st Dec 2000     Infections/Autoimmunity

20th Dec 2000     NMSS Webcast On Managing Holiday Blues

20th Dec 2000     UK MPs/Illnesses/Embryos

20th Dec 2000     Drugs row in Australia

19th Dec 2000     New Insights on MS/ANA Meeting

19th Dec 2000     Myelin Blocks Nerve Growth

19th Dec 2000     Jerusalem Post/MS

18th Dec 2000     Copaxone to sell in UK at £510.14 per 28 days

18th Dec 2000     Snow/MS/Wheelchair

18th Dec 2000     Anti-Depressants/Brain Structure

18th Dec 2000     Anti-depressants/Anti-convulsants/Neuropathic Pain

17th Dec 2000     Co-payment Changes for ABC Drugs

17th Dec 2000     Problems/Herbs/Depression

16th Dec 2000     NMSS Research 2000

15th Dec 2000     Update on NICE/Beta Interferon

15th Dec 2000     Immune proteins/Brain Development

15th Dec 2000     Beta Interferon for Israelis w/MS

15th Dec 2000     MBP/Cow's Milk

14th Dec 2000     Caspase Inhibitor

14th Dec 2000     Book Review/Expensive

14th Dec 2000     Get off the pot

14th Dec 2000     The failings of NICE

13th Dec 2000     Complement role in MS

13th Dec 2000     Research centre for nervous system diseases

13th Dec 2000     People Satisfied With Viagra

13th Dec 2000     HHV6 Research In MS

12th Dec 2000     Taking Stock At Year End

12th Dec 2000     UK Public to have their say on Viagra

12th Dec 2000     Scientists develop cannabis spray

12th Dec 2000     UK D-day for MS Drugs

12th Dec 2000     Disabled Actors

12th Dec 2000     Ottawa judge supports Med/MJ

12th Dec 2000     Praxis receives A$3.4m grant for MS

12th Dec 2000     Organism correlated with symptoms of MS

12th Dec 2000     Drug Reverses Cognitive Impairment in Rats

12th Dec 2000     How to deal with the festive season

12th Dec 2000     Neuroimaging at EFNS 2000

12th Dec 2000     Cannabis based medicine moves step closer

12th Dec 2000     AMA Support for Pain Relief Bill

12th Dec 2000     Region Specific Neural Stem Cells

12th Dec 2000     Depression/Illness/Immune System

12th Dec 2000     State Reporton Oregons Nursing Homes

11th Dec 2000     Research Into MS Conference Highlights

9th Dec 2000       MS Volunteer

9th Dec 2000       Another MS Volunteer

9th Dec 2000       Heuga Snow Express

9th Dec 2000       Tele-Web for rare diseases

9th Dec 2000       New Web Drug Site

7th Dec 2000       Teva Launches Copaxone In UK

7th Dec 2000       More On UK Launch Of Copaxone

7th Dec 2000       Belgium Legalises Med MJ

7th Dec 2000       Transplanted Fetal Neurons Survive

7th Dec 2000       More On MS/HHV6 controversy

7th Dec 2000       More Women Sought Kevorkian's Help

7th Dec 2000       FamilyDoctorOpticNeuritis

5th Dec 2000       Newly Diagnosed/MS Teleconference

5th Dec 2000       MS not contagious

5th Dec 2000       More On MS not contagious

5th Dec 2000       Montel Williams/Book Signing

5th Dec 2000       Med MJ/New research

5th Dec 2000       Med MJ Club Reopens

5th Dec 2000       Med MJ/Michigan

5th Dec 2000       Vaccination boosters face sceptics

5th Dec 2000       First Goats Now Chickens

5th Dec 2000       More On Adult Stem Cells In Brain

5th Dec 2000       France to Allow Human Embryo Research

5th Dec 2000       Cowboy to Receive Dreammaker Award

5th Dec 2000       Cladribine for Multiple Sclerosis

5th Dec 2000       CD200 Down-Regulates Macrophages and Microglia

5th Dec 2000       Stem Cell Debate/Part II

5th Dec 2000       Goats/Medicine Factories

5th Dec 2000       Fire

5th Dec 2000       Fire Again - Be Careful Folks

5th Dec 2000       More On INF-B Cognition

1st Dec 2000       No Chlamydia Pneumoniae in MS Brains

1st Dec 2000       Avonex for cognition