Multiple Sclerosis News for December 1999

30th December 1999:    Tacrolimus:Cancer/MS

18th December 1999:    Paclitaxel/PDEIs

17th December 1999:    Dr. Reding Still Missing

17th December 1999:    MJ/Cancer

17th December 1999:    I'll Never Feel Pain Again

15th December 1999:    Gore/Bush/Bradley on Med MJ

14th December 1999:    Ottawa:1 million Med MJ Cigarettes

14th December 1999:    Research/Altering Protein Levels

14th December 1999:    Web site to register for drug trials

14th December 1999:    Balance Therapy

13th December 1999:    Cannabis Trials for MS

13th December 1999:    PwMS loses court case

13th December 1999:    Our Patron Saint/Dancing

13th December 1999:    More on British MJ Study

13th December 1999:    Myelin Sheath Research

9th December 1999:      Test of Oregon Med MJ Law

9th December 1999:      Hawaii/Med MJ

9th December 1999:      Luey/Diagnosing MS

8th December 1999:      New Model to Combat MS

8th December 1999:      AMA/Assisted Suicide

7th December 1999:      Med MJ/Eyes

6th December 1999:      Vaccine/Cord Repair

6th December 1999:      ATM-027 Study Dropped

6th December 1999:      FDA/Novantrone/Sec.Prog.MS

3rd December 1999:     Feds Clarify Med MJ Guidelines

3rd December 1999:     Vietnam Vets/MS

3rd December 1999:     Perforin, Immune Disorders

3rd December 1999:     Perforin and BLNK

2nd December 1999:     Rules Proposed for Stem Cell

1st December 1999:      Belinda and MS