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Most Asked Questions Concerning THERATEC

as answered by THERATEC Manager, Thomas S. Sawyer

Q. What is the difference between traditional treatment and the therapy THERATEC offers?

A. TRADITIONAL TREATMENT FOR MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS lies in various medications, depending upon the symptoms the individual
demonstrates. Several experimental drugs are being evaluated; most of them are designed to suppress the immune system, however, a number of adverse reactions may be associated with the drugs. Traditional medicine offers no consensus concerning the cause of MS nor the halting of the disease, although there is agreement that through careful medical management they can slow down the disease. Steroids are used and they do cause hemorrhaging in the lesions, however, the steroids are not strong enough to destroy the lesion string and it simply rebuilds itself.

The utilization of the THERATEC TREATMENT is based upon an infectious virus that settles in the spinal and brain fluid. Many years may pass before there is enough virus to affect the density of the spinal fluid. As the density of the spinal fluid goes down it attracts proteins that have been deformed. As these deformed proteins accumulate in the spinal fluid the body's normal ability to send messages from the brain to the body is affected. Thus the lesions and symptoms of MS appear.

The THERATEC TREATMENT is unlike other treatment methods. We utilize no drugs, no steroids and the procedure is completely non-invasive. The treatment itself is quite simple, however the technology supporting the treatment is extremely complex. To gain full advantage of the treatment the patient must be treated for three weeks. The therapy is applied by placing the patient on a therapy table and bringing the Bio Oscillating Frequency Therapy Loop into place. The patient will feel nothing, nor will they be confined in a potentially claustrophobic chamber such as with MRI's. The Bio Oscillating Frequency Therapy Loop resembles and oval ring about five inches wide. The Loop Therapy lasts for approximately one hour and may be given once or twice daily. Following the Loop Therapy the patient is therapeutically
massaged. The patient is passive during these activities as the goal is to stimulate nerves and atrophied muscles. When all of the virus and malformed proteins are removed, which we check with the THERATEC MS Scanner, the Loop Therapy will concentrate on the areas of the body demonstrating the most need. Also other simple stretching, strength and endurance exercises may be added.

Q. What is Bio Oscillating Frequency?

A. That is a fancy name for a frequency wave that oscillates many times per second. Think of it as a radio station sending out it's signal. It has a certain frequency that will be attracted to radios that are tuned into that frequency. Only those radios will be effected by the frequency. The Bio Oscillating Frequency has no heat nor radiation or any other such attribute.

Q. How was this Bio Oscillating Frequency Therapy developed?

A. The therapy was developed over many years through Physics. And in Physics there are only absolutes. Think again of the radio wave, it only effects the radios that are tuned in to that
station. We have the same connection in our therapy. The frequency utilized only effects the MS virus and the deformed proteins. It has no effect upon healthy cells in our body.

Q. What is the THERATEC Scanner?

A. The THERATEC MS Scanner is a hand held device capable of detecting the deformed proteins in the spinal fluid. These
deformed proteins have an unusual pattern to the positive negative charge and this pattern allows detection by the THERATEC MS Scanner. The patient will be scanned periodically over the course of therapy and the results will assist in defining the course of treatment.

Q. What and where is THERATEC?

A. THERATEC is an alternative clinic dedicated to the support and therapy of patients with Multiple Sclerosis. The clinic is located in Apodaca, Mexico, a suburban area of Monterrey, about one hundred and twenty miles south of Laredo, Texas.

Q. Why Mexico?

A. Simply because the Mexican government will allow alternative methods to be utilized. In the United States, we would have to proceed through many years of government red tape at a very exorbitant cost.

Q. Isn't that just an excuse, what is the real motivation? Is it health care or money?

A. If it were just money that was of interest, this technology would have been set up in an American company and that company taken into the stock market through a public offering. Then many years and dollars could have been spent working through the government process and most likely never bring the technology to the patients. It is common knowledge that any public offering done properly would make the initial developers instant millionaires. The management is at the age and point in his life where serving people is his motivation.

Q. What about the problem involved with travel to Mexico?

A. People traveling to THERATEC must have a birth certificate or PassPort. American and Continental airlines service the Monterrey Airport. Both airlines are very good at assisting disabled individuals who may need additional help. A THERATEC staff member will meet the patient at the airport and transport them to the hotel. THERATEC recommends the Airport Hampton Inn (five minutes from the airport). We have made arrangements with the Hampton for reduced rates. The Hampton provides all of the necessary services for full comfort, including room service, laundry, English TV and almost all of the employees speak English. At the Hampton, patients may meet many other Americans, as there are numerous American businesses located here.

The clinic is approximately five minutes from the Hampton. Arrangements will be made for transportation to the clinic and back to the Hotel. Monterrey is a large metropolitan area that has little crime. This was by design so the city could attract American businesses. The people are very friendly and if our patients wish to do the "tourist things" we will arrange for local English speaking drivers to guide them.

Q. What should the patient expect the first day of treatment?

A. The initial appointment will comprise of the Clinic Doctor giving the patient a pre-treatment exam. It will resemble the exams patients have completed numerous times: Blood Pressure, Pulse, Neurological patterns such as touch your nose with your finger, visual tracking and acuity, blood chemistry etc. The treatment will be fully explained and the patient will be required to sign a Consent form. The patient will be taken to the therapy room where they will change into a hospital gown, be scanned and under go the initial therapy.

Q. And what about the rest of the appointments? What should the patients expect?

A. One or two treatments per day; six days a week. We take Sunday off. The treatments directed to eliminate the virus and the deformed proteins will comprise mostly of Loop Therapy with gentle massage. Once the virus and deformed proteins are gone the treatments will again consist mostly of Loop Therapy with a stronger massage and perhaps the addition of some stretching and strengthening exercises.

Q. What other medical treatment will be given to the patients.

A. Some patients may require supplements for nutritional replacements such as potassium, or other minerals and, others may require certain professional treatment such as antibiotics for infections. Bladder infections are very common in patients with MS. A staff Physician is available for immediate attention to such matters and the patient will have the final say in all cases. Certain juices are recommended, however, we do not offer any products for sale.

Q. What are the side effects of the therapy?

A. The SIDE EFFECTS of the treatment are all positive. No negative side effects have been identified. The Patient may feel energized after the treatment. They may immediately notice some positive changes in their symptoms or they may notice some positive changes the next day. This treatment is designed to terminate the virus and eliminate the deformed proteins that cause the symptoms, thus halting the progression of MS. Improvement, concerning symptoms, may be possible through rehabilitation therapy. There will be no more episodes or exacerbation and the patients functions will increase as a result of Rehab.

Q. Are you saying that the patient will not have another exacerbation?

A. Yes. However, do not think a patient in a wheel chair will instantly get up and walk. That may take months or years of Rehab.

Q. So what you are saying is that if a patient is still able to get around without a wheel chair and if they receive your treatment, they will never need a wheel chair.

A. That is correct, they will not need a wheel chair due to MS complications.

Q. Can patients regain functional use of their bladder?

A. Patients can regain functional use of any symptomatic problem MS has brought them. Again, they must not think in overnight blocks of time but in months and perhaps years of Rehab. However, the most exciting thing is, their belief in what is to come will be reversed from their present day thinking. They will go up, not down.

Q. What do you mean by Rehab?

A. That will totally depend upon the symptoms and energy level of the patient. Walking, riding a stationary bicycle, or for some a more formal Rehab program where others assist in their movements. The goal of the Rehab is to strengthen, stretch and give endurance to the muscles. For some symptoms there is no direct Rehab process and the patient must wait for their body to Rehab itself. Once the patient has been treated at THERATEC all of the gains from Rehab will be possible and permanent.

Q. What should individuals do if they are interested in the THERATEC Therapy?

A. Please have them contact the clinic by telephone and we will develop a personal dialogue with them. Dial: 011-528-386-3306 and ask for Tom.

Q. Do you believe in God?

A. Yes, I have chosen to do what I am doing because of my strong Christian beliefs.