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August 4, 2003
News 12

A Stratford woman who's been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis is not giving up in her fight for residential handicapped parking spaces.

Mary Pastor, 37, is not only fighting multiple sclerosis, she's also fighting to get a handicapped parking spot in front of her Lennox Avenue home. She says that her street gets very crowded with vehicles, and she is often forced to park down the street and walk home.

Pastor has asked the Stratford Town Council to enact an ordinance to allow handicapped parking in residential areas, but the ordinance has been rejected twice. The town says it's concerned over liability if it designates areas for handicapped parking, but there are already at least two spaces in residential areas in Stratford, including one on Freeman Avenue. Pastor says she wants the same for herself and other disabled citizens. So far, about 45 of her neighbors have signed a petition supporting her.

Town Councilman Bob Wannagot says the town attorney's office is doing some research to determine if it's legal to approve the residential spaces. The next town council meeting is scheduled for the end of the month.

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