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Three Valparaiso cycle buddies ride for Multiple Sclerosis

Monday, August 11, 2003
NWI Times

Nancy Adams, owner of Strongbow Inn in Valparaiso, has Multiple Sclerosis. Adams first became aware that something was terribly wrong eight years ago when she lost sight in her left eye.

As with many MS sufferers, she went into remission for five years, but then with the next relapse, another typical series of MS problems arose.

"My body experienced numbing and tingling sensations," she said. "I began limping and the limping got progressively worse." Finally, in 1999, Adams got the diagnosis. It was MS.

Now, her routine to help fight the disease includes medication, massage, weight lifting and bicycling. On Aug. 23 Adams will participate in the Multiple Sclerosis 100 Mile Bike Tour in Indianapolis. And, her bicycling buddies have something even better in mind. Not only are Bob Urschel and Karen Vogelsang joining her for that event, they will all leave together from Valparaiso five days prior to it.

Then, depending upon whim and weather, they will travel a variety of (hopefully scenic) routes to cover 400 miles, all of which will be donation-sponsored miles for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Finally, the trio will join hundreds of other cyclists at Eagle Creek Park & Reservoir in Indianapolis to do the 100 mile Multiple Sclerosis Bike Tour to total 500 miles in all.

"I am fortunate," said Adams. "I've been spared. I'm still healthy. The Bike Tour is just a small way to give something back to the work of the Society."

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