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Vocational rehabilitation in multiple sclerosis (MS): A profile of clients seeking services

Work. 2003;21(1):69-76
Fraser RT, Johnson EK, Clemmons DC, Getter A, Johnson KL, Gibbons L.
University of Washington Departments of Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine, (Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation Research and Training Center), Harborview Medical Center, 325 9th Ave/Box 359744, Seattle, WA 98104, USA. Tel.: +1 206 341 4545; Fax: +1 206 731 6088;

Although a number of innovative vocational rehabilitation (VR) demonstration projects have been completed with MS populations, there remains a lack of clarity as to a profile of these VR participants.

An effort is made in this article to carefully describe the demographic and occupational characteristics of people with MS seeking vocational services at intake, as well as their self-perceived psychosocial functioning across a range of pertinent measures.

The issue of "program dropouts" in VR services for people with MS is also addressed.

Implications for better understanding participants with MS within the VR process and improved nuances in service delivery are then discussed.