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Revisiting the pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis revisited

Int MS J. 2003 Apr;10(1):29-31
Compston A.
University of Cambridge Neurology Unit, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, UK.

Uncertainty breeds speculation.

First, multiple sclerosis (MS) is said to be a sexually transmitted disease childhood onset cases representing examples of child abuse.

Now, the concept of MS as an inflammatory disorder has been sidelined.

Does it matter

After all, these claims and counter-claims provided copy for the New Scientist (A Coglan, Have We Got It Horribly Wrong? 16 November 2002) and national radio in the UK covered both stories.

Antivivisectionists spotted an open goal and wrote to the newspapers.

Journalists waved the 'freedom of speech' flag and an institution was criticized for distancing itself from the sex-abuse author.