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Multiple sclerosis and employment barriers: A systemic perspective on diagnosis and intervention

Work. 2003;21(1):17-23
Roessler RT, Rumrill PD Jr.
Disability Research Institute, 169 Rehabilitation Education Center, MC-575, 1207 S. Oak Street, University of Illinois, Champaign, IL 61820, USA. Tel.: +1 217 265 8135; Fax: +1 217 265 0358

Although they have a recent work history, 70 to 80% of adults with multiple sclerosis are unemployed following their diagnosis.

This high rate of unemployment constitutes a great loss of potential to the American economy.

To help individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS) return to work or retain employment, rehabilitation professionals must understand the barriers resulting in unemployment and implement interventions to reduce or remove those concerns.

In this article, Hershenson's systemic model of rehabilitation counseling is presented as a diagnostic scheme for identifying barriers to employment.

Counselor consultation on barrier removal via reasonable accommodation is presented as one example of a rehabilitation intervention consistent with the systemic diagnostic model.