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Histological examination of the lacrimal gland after experimental administration of Cladribine

Ann Univ Mariae Curie Sklodowska [Med]. 2002;57(2):526-30
Kwietniewska M, Czerny K.
Department of Histology and Embryology, Laboratory of Experimental Cytology, Medical University of Lublin.

The experiment was carried out on female rabbits of New Zealand breed weighing about 3 kg.

The rabbits from experimental group I received Cladribine in the dose corresponding to the schema of treatment in the hairy cell leukemia and the animals from the experimental group II the dose corresponding to the experimental treatment in multiple sclerosis.

The lacrimal glands were collected for histological examinations in the light microscope.

It was observed that administration of Cladribine in the dose corresponding to the therapeutic dose used in the therapy of hairy cell leukemia could have caused morphological changes in the lacrimal gland, but the medicine administered in therapeutic doses in experimental therapy of multiple sclerosis does not cause morphological changes in the structure of the lacrimal gland on the level of the light microscope.