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Libertarian Party creates medical marijuana ad

August, 2002

The Libertarian Party has finished creating a medical marijuana television ad, a tool that will be used in an effort to oust “the most rabid Drug Warrior in Congress,” U.S. Rep. Bob Barr (R-GA).

The 30-second ad, which may be viewed at, features a moving testimonial from an elderly medical marijuana patient who suffers from multiple sclerosis.

Carole Ann Rand, the LP candidate for Barr’s U.S. House seat in the Fifth District, will run the ad in an attempt to cause Barr to lose a primary election against fellow Republican John Linder. That election will be held on August 20.

“This commercial is a scathing indictment of the most rabid Drug Warrior in Congress,” said LP Political Director Ron Crickenberger, who helped produce the ad. “It does a good job of putting a human face on the cruel and destructive war on medical marijuana.”

The ad opens with a shot of multiple sclerosis sufferer Cheryl Miller laying on a stretcher. An announcer’s voice says, “Why does Bob Barr want this woman in jail?”

Miller then introduces herself as a medical marijuana user and says, “Bob Barr thinks I should be in jail for using my medicine. Why would you do that to me, Bob?”

At that point, the announcer says, “When the Drug War turns on our own sick and dying, it’s just gone too far – and so has Bob Barr.”

About $5,000 worth of advertising has been purchased to broadcast the ad in Barr’s district on August 7, said Crickenberger. More ad time will be purchased with donations raised via Rand’s website.

A second ad featuring medical marijuana patients is currently in production, said Crickenberger, and will be easily customizable for use by other LP candidates.

The ads are a part of the Libertarian Party’s “Incumbent Killer Strategy,” which seeks to remove the worst Drug Warriors from Congress. The strategy is one component of the party's plan to end federal drug prohibition by 2010.

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