More MS news articles for August 2002

The use of MRI in the diagnosis of neurologic diseases

Presse Med 2002 Jun 1;31(19):901-3
Meder JF, Brami-Zylberberg F, Oppenheim C, Meary E, Martinez-Lozano F, Delvat D, Fredy D.
Departement d'Imagerie Morphologique et Fonctionnelle, Centre Hospitalier Sainte-Anne, 1 rue Cabanis, Paris.


Scanography remains the examination of choice. However, MRI can be useful in diagnosis of diffuse axional lesions, not clearly visualized with scanography, and for screening the subsequent lesions.


Some are very evocative with MRI: cerebral abscesses, notably herpetic encephalitis and Creutzfeldt-Jacob's disease. If multiple sclerosis is suspected, MRI is considered as the principle para-clinical examination able to confirm the diagnosis with the first episode. It also supplies data for the diagnosis of metabolic, toxic and degenerative diseases.