More MS news articles for August 2002

A genome-wide screen for linkage in Nordic sib-pairs with multiple sclerosis

Genes Immun 2002 Aug;3(5):279-85
Akesson E, Oturai A, Berg J, Fredrikson S, Andersen O, Harbo HF, Laaksonen M, Myhr KM, Nyland HI, Ryder LP, Sandberg-Wollheim M, Sorensen PS, Spurkland A, Svejgaard A, Holmans P, Compston A, Hillert J, Sawcer S.
University of Cambridge, Neurology unit, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, UK, and Department of Neurology, Karolinska Institutet at Huddinge University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden.

Genetic factors influence susceptibility to multiple sclerosis but the responsible genes remain largely undefined, association with MHC class II alleles being the only established genetic feature of the disease.

The Nordic countries have a high prevalence of multiple sclerosis, and to further explore the genetic background of the disease, we have carried out a genome-wide screen for linkage in 136 sibling-pairs with multiple sclerosis from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden by typing 399 microsatellite markers.

Seventeen regions where the lod score exceeds the nominal 5% significance threshold (0.7) were identified-1q11-24, 2q24-32, 3p26.3, 3q21.1, 4q12, 6p25.3, 6p21-22, 6q21, 9q34.3, 10p15, 10p12-13, 11p15.5, 12q21.3, 16p13.3, 17q25.3, 22q12-13 and Xp22.3.

Although none of these regions reaches the level of genome-wide significance, the number observed exceeds the 10 that would be expected by chance alone.

Our results significantly add to the growing body of linkage data relating to multiple sclerosis.