More MS news articles for August 2002

BX-471 Berlex

Curr Opin Investig Drugs 2002 Jun;3(6):865-9
Elices MJ.

Berlex and its parent company, Schering AG, are developing BX-471 (also known as ZK-811752), the lead in a series of non-peptide chemokine receptor 1 (CCR1) antagonists, for the potential treatment of autoimmune diseases, in particular multiple sclerosis (MS) [291682], [376290], [411184].

In March 2000, BX-471 was undergoing phase I trials for the potential treatment of autoimmune diseases [362022]; phase I trials in MS were ongoing in March 2002 [441989], [443941].

Positive results from these trials have been reported and Berlex was planning phase II trials in MS patients as of mid-March 2002 [444906].

In August 2001, Schering estimated filing in the US and EU in 2008 [411184], [416493].

WO-09856771 claims piperazinyl derivatives, pharmaceutical compositions comprising them and their use in the treatment of inflammatory conditions.