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MS Comes to Big Screen

9th August, 2002

This Article appeared in the upcoming issue of The Motivator, official publication of the MSAA

Dr. Richard Pellegrino, a neurologist who takes a special interest in MS, is about to put a whole new light on the MS experience. His plans are to bring the challenges and victories to those with MS directly to the public in a full-length, feature film.

This production is not a documentary or a story about MS. Instead, it will be a movie meant for entertainment, like any other film showing at the local theatre – complete with a dramatic story line and talented actors. While the plot will be unrelated to MS, a main character will be dealing with and overcoming the daily challenges of MS.

Dr. Pellegrino has been treating MS patients for 20 years, in addition to conducting clinical research and authoring numerous scientific and layperson articles both from Yale University and from his office in Hot Springs, Arkansas. He sees this movie as the ideal vehicle to raise awareness of MS in an entertaining format.

“By doing so,” explains Dr. Pellegrino, “The movie serves a few purposes. Not only will people unfamiliar with the disease gain an understanding of the symptoms and challenges of MS, but it may also give family members and friends new insights into the common problems people with MS face, along with the sometimes inventive ways they overcome these obstacles. Additionally, individuals with MS may enjoy identifying with the character, and possibly even discover a new solution to a common problem.”

Dr. Pellegrino has formed a production company and is combining his own writing skills with those of a team of writers he has brought together for this movie. While they work to develop the main plot, Dr. Pellegrino is looking to those with MS to assist with the story. Specifically, he wants to hear about common problems experienced by those with MS, along with effective solutions they may employ.

If you would like to find out more or even be a part of the movie’s creation, please visit the movie’s website at Anyone interested may email his or her own stories of large or small triumphs. These will be reviewed for possible use in the script and, with permission, will be posted on the website to be shared with others. In addition to contributing stories, volunteers from the MS community may suggest plot lines, register as an artist or composer, or get involved in other ways. If you do not have access to email, you may write to Dr. Pellegrino at P.O. Box 20230 Hot Springs, AR 71903 . Please note that Dr. Pellegrino is also looking for corporate and individual sponsors to help fund this exciting project.

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8/6/02 -  THANK YOU! is off to a great start. We have received over 500 stories, hundreds of plot ideas, and more comments than we can count.  The information that you have so generously shared with us will help make an exciting and entertaining movie about MS.  In addition, we have a large group of actors who have registered.

Dr. Pellegrino was interviewed by the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America and will be featured in this issue of the MS Motivator, so be sure to get a copy.  He will also be featured on the International MS Support Foundation's website at

With over 850 hits a day the word is out. Please continue to visit us periodically because we still need your help.  We are going to ask visitors to assist in building the characters, create a MS movie logo, and have a casting call.

So for any of you who have not previously participated, there is still time.

Dr. Pellegrino, M.D.,Ph.D. and staff.

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