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Fonix(R) Text-To-Speech Licensed for DynaVox System's DYNAwrite Speech Augmentation Device

Fonix DECtalk(R) TTS Application Software Brings Audible Speech To Individuals With Voice Disabilities Via Portable Device

Aug. 12, 2002

Fonix(R) Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: FONX), a leading provider of natural-user interface technology for wireless and mobile devices, Internet and telephony systems, and vehicle telematics, and DynaVox Systems LLC, the world's leading provider of Advanced Augmentative Communication (AAC) solutions, announced today that Fonix award-winning Text-To-Speech (TTS) technology has been licensed by DynaVox Systems for use with that company's new DYNAwrite speech augmentation device. By way of Fonix DECtalk(R) TTS, DYNAwrite enables speech-impaired individuals to communicate audibly via a portable speech-output device, that offers a rich, fully customizable range of voices.

DYNAwrite is the first keyboard-based product in the DynaVox family of augmentative communication devices. The portable device enables people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease), Parkinson's disease, traumatic brain injury, stroke, or multiple sclerosis to communicate simply by typing. DYNAwrite's Fonix DECtalk-enabled TTS then vocalizes the typed words using one of nine defined voice personalities (four female, four male, and one child). Fonix also offers TTS voices in multiple languages such as U.S. English, U.K. English, Latin-American Spanish, Castillian Spanish, and German.

"Fonix DECtalk TTS technology has been a primary technology behind some of our most popular and effective AAC products," said Joe Swenson, President of DynaVox Systems. "Not only does Fonix give our customers the gift of speech, but it enables them to do so using a voice and a personality that matches their own. Fonix TTS offers natural-sounding and high quality voices, contributing to this technology that has helped thousands of users to increase their overall quality of life."

"We are pleased to further our relationship with DynaVox Systems through the release of DYNAwrite," said Kurt W. Flygare, Vice President of Sales for Fonix Corporation. "DYNAwrite is one of the most powerful keyboard-based AAC products on the market today. Using this convenient, portable device, with Fonix TTS, users can simply type and talk, quickly and easily."

Powerful and easy to use, DYNAwrite offers a full-sized keyboard and multiple access methods that can change with the abilities of the user.  The device offers advanced rate enhancement features such as abbreviation expansion and flexible abbreviation expansion, and can be used with a cellular phone. DYNAwrite also offers keyboard layout options for scanners including QWERTY, ABC, and Scanning Optimized.

Fonix DECtalk, one of Fonix Corporation's most popular and successful TTS technologies, turns ordinary text into natural-sounding, highly intelligible speech. The application produces clear, correct pronunciation of single characters, words, phrases, and proper names.

Fonix DECtalk TTS is capable of accurately pronouncing letters, words, or phrases at speeds from 75 to 600 words per minute. Each of its voices -- Paul, Betty, Harry, Ursula, Frank, Wendy, Dennis, Rita, and Kit -- can speak ethnic-specific proper names and offers punctuation control for pauses, voice pitch, and stress in order to achieve human-like speech patterns and inflection.

DynaVox System's DYNAwrite AAC product with Fonix DECtalk technology will begin shipping today. For more information about DYNAwrite, visit the DynaVox Systems website at ; additional information about Fonix DECtalk and Fonix Corporation's other TTS and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technologies can be found at .

About DynaVox Systems LLC

DynaVox Systems LLC is the world's largest developer and manufacturer of advanced augmentative communication solutions, and for over 18 years has been committed to helping people with disabilities live fuller lives.  Our innovative products assist thousands of individuals around the world to conquer communication barriers and to excel in the classroom, workplace and the community. Other brands from DynaVox Systems include DynaVox 3100, DynaMyte 3100, Dynamo, DynaVox Software for Mac and Windows computers, and DynaSyms. For additional information please visit our website at or call 1-800-344-1778.

About Fonix Corporation

Fonix Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: FONX) is a leading provider of natural-user interface technology solutions for wireless and mobile devices, Internet and telephony systems, and vehicle telematics. Leading chip manufacturers, independent software and hardware vendors, and Internet content and service providers incorporate Fonix technology to provide their customers with an easier and more convenient user experience. Fonix products, including Text-To-Speech (TTS), Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), and Handwriting Recognition (HWR), provide the most natural communication solutions available. For additional information, visit , or contact a Fonix representative at (801) 553-6600.

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