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Prescott in disabled parking space blunder

30 July, 2001
David Felton

Deputy PM John 'Two Jags' Prescott was caught parking in a disabled badgeholder's space last weekend.

The blunder-prone minister was accosted by irate wheelchair user Mark Baggley after parking one of his two Jaguars in an orange badge-holder's space outside Mr Chu's Chinese restaurant in Hull.

Unable to park in the designated space, Mr Baggley was forced to park some way from the restaurant.

"My friend said: 'I bet that it is John Prescott's car'. I just laughed and said I doubted whether the deputy prime minister would be daft enough to park in a disabled badge space."
Prescott: Car 'overlapped' into disabled space

But daft enough he proved to be. "I felt really mad when I saw it was Mr Prescott. I wheeled over to him politely and said: "Sorry to bother you Mr Prescott, but is that your Jaguar in the orange badge space?"

"He said 'Yes, it is' without much reaction. I replied 'Do you have an orange badge?' to which he responded 'Would you like me to move it?' He got up about a minute later and went and moved it."

A spokesman for the deputy prime minister said: "He parked his car next to the disabled parking space. Unfortunately it was overlapping slightly into the space. He moved it straight away, it was all very cordial."

Mr Baggley, who is chairman of the Choices and Rights Disability Federation later said: "I do wonder what it says for the Labour Party's commitment to disability rights, when their top officers are abusing our spaces.

"Maybe I should visit the Houses of Parliament and park in his space."