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Shooting Down MS

August 10, 2001—Meet Jules Franzke, age 43, of Richland, Washington— an active account executive with, a sports trainer, and a trapshooting enthusiast.

Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 4 years ago, Jules has come up with a very personal strategy to help raise awareness and donations for the MS cause: Project: Shooting Down MS. He will begin a 12-month marathon as a participant in West Coast trapshooting tournaments, starting August 11th in Ellensburg, Washington (see projected schedule below). The goal is to break as many registered clay targets as possible, garnering pledges and donations. Partial proceeds will go to the National MS Society to support research and program services.

To help jump-start this project, Jules received a target shotgun from the Charles Daly Corp., presented by the company president, Michael Kassnar. In addition, his physician, Dr. Eugene May, at the Swedish Medical Center, MS Clinic in Seattle, has already pledged a dollar for every clay target hit.

“MS and Project: Shooting Down MS are both bigger than I am,” says Jules. “By applying the physical skills I’ve been developing over the last two decades, I can help everyone who has MS or has a loved one with MS, and I can also promote goodwill for the shooting sports.”

Jules will attempt to break over 250 clay targets in each weekend competition. “I want to do everything in my power to help step up the research that has already led to breakthroughs like Avonex, Betaseron, and Copaxone—the A-B-C drugs that are assisting me in controlling my own MS,” says Jules.

He will be shooting American trap (“down the line trap"), which involves five participants, four "trap houses"—each with five stations, and 100 clay targets. On demand, clay targets are released from each station. Participants only have one chance to shoot a target before moving to the next station. After all five participants complete the five-station circuit, they proceed to the next trap house, repeating the process until 100 clay targets have been released.

During the first cycle, each trapshooter stands 16 yards away from the targets. After that, the distance increases depending on class ratings. A participant's "class" and "yardage" are determined by how many targets are hit over a designated period.

It doesn't end there! After completing two rounds of single clay-target shoots, participants move on to "double targets." Regional tournaments culminate with the "Grand American" tournament in August 2002, which is 9 days long and includes approximately 2000 targets.

If you would like to support Jules in his efforts to raise funds and awareness for MS and the work of the Society, he can be reached through his website or via e-mail at

Schedule of Events for Project: Shooting Down MS
August 2001 November 2001
11-12 Ellensburg, WA (ATA & PITA*)
18-19 Black Diamond, WA (PITA)
25-26 Spokane, WA (ATA)
3-4 Livermore, CA (PITA)
17-18 Evergreen, WA (PITA)
24-25 Coon Creek/Lincoln, CA (PITA)
September 2001 December 2001
1-3 Evergreen, WA (PITA)
8-9 Yakima, WA (PITA)
22-23 Portland, OR (PITA)
29-30 Evergreen, WA (PITA)
2 Martinez, CA (ATA)
9 Livermore, CA (PITA)
15-16 Sumner, WA (PITA)
October 2001 January/February 2002
6-7 Spokane, WA (ATA)
20-21 Portland, OR (PITA)
27-28 Martinez, CA (PITA)
Tucson, Phoenix, & Scottsdale, AZ (ATA). Dates and locations to be announced.
March-August 2002
Dates and locations to be announced.
*ATA and PITA are types of registered clay targets.

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