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Increased serum levels of interleukin-18 in patients with multiple sclerosis

Brief Communications

Neurology 2001;57:342-344
© 2001 American Academy of Neurology

F. Nicoletti, MD, R. Di Marco, MD, PhD, K. Mangano, F. Patti, MD, E. Reggio, MD, A. Nicoletti, MD, K. Bendtzen, MD, Prof; and A. Reggio, MD, Prof

From the Institute of Microbiology (Dr. F. Nicoletti), University of Milan Bicocca; Department of Microbiological and Gynecologic Sciences (Drs. Di Marco and Mangano) and Institute of Neurology (Drs. Patti, E. Reggio, A. Nicoletti, and A. Reggio), University of Catania, Italy; and Institute for Inflammation Research (Dr. Bendtzen), Rigshospitalet University Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Address correspondence and reprint requests to Dr. Ferdinando Nicoletti, Via Luigi Sturzo n. 3, 95021, Cannizzaro, Catania, Italy.

Serum but not CSF concentrations of the interferon--inducing cytokine interleukin (IL)-18 were significantly augmented in patients with MS as compared to both healthy controls and patients with other neurologic diseases.

Patients with MS with secondary chronic progressive disease had significantly higher serum levels than those with relapsing remitting MS. In the latter group, IL-18 levels were higher in patients with acute exacerbation as compared to those with stable disease.