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Cannabis-growing machine launched in Canada

Story filed: 08:55 Tuesday 28th August 2001

A super-fast cannabis-growing machine has been launched in Canada after the country legalised the drug for medicinal use.

The £1,170 machine will be marketed to users of the drug for medical reasons only. People with terminal illnesses such as multiple sclerosis or Aids can legally use cannabis in Canada.

John Brusatore, from Vancouver, says his Power Grow system will allow users to grow their own supply instead of buying from street dealers.

His company, All-Round Industries, has done nearly £315,000 in business since its launch seven weeks ago. Each unit resembles a wide refrigerator with two separate compartments.

Mr Brusatore said: "People that do medically need (marijuana), they don't have to go out on the street for it or they're not going to try and set up some two-bit wiring job in their house and burn their house down."

The Power Grow is fully automated and has a ventilation system to prevent the telltale smell of a marijuana-growing operation.

Mr Brusatore, who included information on the system at, said: "You just plug it into the wall and it'll grow one to two pounds of marijuana every six to eight weeks with no pesticides."

The idea was sparked by Canada's medicinal marijuana policy which came into effect earlier this month.