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Workshops to explain medical marijuana law"Workshops+to+explain+medical+marijuana+law"

August 03, 2001
By Cy Ryan

CARSON CITY -- The state Department of Agriculture has scheduled public workshops in Sparks and Las Vegas to explain how the new medical marijuana law will work.

The law that goes into effect Oct. 1 allows people with chronic or debilitating illnesses to seek a registry card from the state agency allowing them to possess 1 ounce of marijuana and three mature and four immature plants.

People 18 must have the permission of their parents, who would be responsible for controlling the drug.

Individuals must have a statement from their physician that the medical use of marijuana would help ease the pain or suffering from such illnesses as AIDS, cancer and glaucoma.

The department will hold the first hearing Tuesday in Sparks and the second at 1:30 p.m. Thursday in Las Vegas at the Sawyer State Office Building. Officials will explain the qualifications and the registration procedures to qualify for the cards.

A person who is denied a card must wait six months before re-applying. And the individual can file a court challenge.

Voters in two elections approved the proposed constitutional amendment allowing medical use of marijuana. And the Legislature set up the law, establishing the guidelines.

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