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Harvard to Become Supplier of Embryonic Stem Cells

BOSTON (Reuters Health) Aug 24 - The nation's largest fertility clinic plans to provide Harvard University scientists with leftover embryos for stem cell research, the Boston Globe reported on Friday. The move could make the school one of the world's top suppliers of embryonic stem cells.

Boston IVF, an organization of fertility clinics, plans to begin contacting donor couples soon for permission to use their embryos for stem cell research, the newspaper said. Harvard researchers plan to offer the new stem cells to any interested scientist at no cost and with no commercial restrictions, the Globe said.

Scientists who use stem cells provided by the new program would apparently be ineligible for federal funding for their research under the policy recently announced by President Bush. According to the policy, the federal government would only fund research on stem cell lines that have already been derived from embryos.

"This gives our patients an exciting opportunity to participate in these studies, and possibly benefit from both cutting edge technology and the latest know-how," Boston IVF said in a statement on its Web site. "Some patients may receive the additional benefit of defraying some of the costs of the treatment."

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