Multiple Sclerosis News for August 2001

31st Aug 2001        Australia/New MS Centre

31st Aug 2001        MS Mission/Alaska

31st Aug 2001        Lifeline for PWMS

31st Aug 2001        Rehab/Therapy

31st Aug 2001        Tube Regrows Spinal Nerves in Rats

31st Aug 2001        UK Parliment Debate On Neurology (March)

31st Aug 2001        Another Collection Of Stem Cell Articles

31st Aug 2001        Fed Research Grants/Safety & Ethical Concerns

31st Aug 2001        Objections to Helsinki Placebo Guidelines

31st Aug 2001        PWMS/Court Decision

31st Aug 2001        US: ADA/Lawsuits

31st Aug 2001        US: ADA/Editorial

31st Aug 2001        Med MJ/Calif

31st Aug 2001        Common Heroes Always Help Disabled

31st Aug 2001        Social Stress/Immune System

29th Aug 2001        Ritonavir/MS

29th Aug 2001        Naloxone As OxyContin Alternative

29th Aug 2001        Harvard/Supplying ESCs

29th Aug 2001        Environmental Factors/MS Study

29th Aug 2001        MS Poster Child/I'm Your Gal

29th Aug 2001        Immune Response/Enzyme

29th Aug 2001        Med MJ/Bizzies Bonkers Chocolate Factory

29th Aug 2001        Woman wMS At Carnival

29th Aug 2001        MS Ireland

29th Aug 2001        Poll On Euthanasia

29th Aug 2001        Kansas/Man wMS

29th Aug 2001        Med MJ Doc/Oregon

29th Aug 2001        Support Group/Yale Study

29th Aug 2001        Physical Therapy Clinic

29th Aug 2001        Med MJ/Pot Machine

29th Aug 2001        Healing Through Art

29th Aug 2001        Misdiagnosis/Business Idea

29th Aug 2001        Salus/Grant/MS Treatment

29th Aug 2001        Acorda/Grant/Spinal Regeneration

29th Aug 2001        US: Social Security News Site

29th Aug 2001        NICE/MS Soc Update

29th Aug 2001        Medline: CTX & IFN-B/Rapid MS

29th Aug 2001        Medline: SF-36/MS

29th Aug 2001        Medline: T-Cells/CSF

29th Aug 2001        Medline: IFN-B/EAE

29th Aug 2001        Biogen & Serono/MS Market

29th Aug 2001        Medline: MMPs & TIMPs/MS Lesions

29th Aug 2001        Medline: Brain Volume/RRMS/Copaxone

29th Aug 2001        Medline: Smaller Axons/Atrophy & Injury

29th Aug 2001        White Blood Cell Developmental Mechanism

23rd Aug 2001        1st Stage Of MS Logitudinal Study Completed

23rd Aug 2001        MS Pregnancy Hormone Study

23rd Aug 2001        PWMS/Stem Cell Transplant

23rd Aug 2001        NIH/Access to Human ESCs

23rd Aug 2001        Congress/ESC Research

23rd Aug 2001        Fentanyl/Chronic Pain

23rd Aug 2001        MS/West Wing/Prime Time

21st Aug 2001        Immunological Disorders And Migraine Not Linked

21st Aug 2001        Potential Antibody Treatment Autoimmune Diseases

21st Aug 2001        Biogen To Sue Serono

21st Aug 2001        What Can Stem Cells Really Do?

21st Aug 2001        Stem Cells' Promise/Cloning/Start Of Life

21st Aug 2001        Alternative Medicine Here To Stay

21st Aug 2001        Pain Trials For Med MJ

21st Aug 2001        UK: Straw Against Cannabis Decriminalisation

21st Aug 2001        Insurance/Preexisting Conditions

21st Aug 2001        Canoeing for MS

21st Aug 2001        OxyContin/Worries For Genuine Users

19th Aug 2001        PWMS/Support Group

19th Aug 2001        Drugs/Damage to Liver

19th Aug 2001        Antioxidants/Mixed Messages

19th Aug 2001        US: Independent Living Grants

19th Aug 2001        Biogen/Serono/Court Injunction

19th Aug 2001        MSAA Funds Bee Venom Therapy Research

19th Aug 2001        Medline: MS And Quality Of Life

19th Aug 2001        Medline: Altered Glutamate Homeostasis

19th Aug 2001        Medline: Copaxone Synthetic Peptides/MS

19th Aug 2001        Medline: MS Diagnosis/Tears Vs Spinal Tap

19th Aug 2001        Women Against MS Luncheon

19th Aug 2001        Med MJ Campaigner w/MS Raided

19th Aug 2001        Several Articles on Stem Cells

17th Aug 2001        Australian Neuro-Stem Cell Treatment

17th Aug 2001        PwMS/Wheelchair Lift

17th Aug 2001        Biogen Research On Autoimmune Diseases

17th Aug 2001        Private Capital/Stem Cell Research

17th Aug 2001        MS: Guide To Treatment And Management

17th Aug 2001        Medline: Prevention Of EAE With Epitope

17th Aug 2001        Medline: Chlamydia/EAE

17th Aug 2001        US: MS Bash 2001

17th Aug 2001        Disabled Retraining

17th Aug 2001        North Carolina/Mobility Program

17th Aug 2001        High MS Rates In Northeast Ohio

17th Aug 2001        NMSS/Online Lectures on MS

17th Aug 2001        PwMS Plays Computer Golf With Lasers

17th Aug 2001        More On GW's Canadian Med MJ Trials

17th Aug 2001        Bush Will Veto Wider Stem Cell Use

15th Aug 2001        Stem Cells Found in Skin

15th Aug 2001        More On Disability In MS

15th Aug 2001        More On Antioxidants/MS

15th Aug 2001        Stereotactic Surgery/Tremor

15th Aug 2001        Racial Differences In MS Risk

15th Aug 2001        Stem Cells/Genetic Counselors

15th Aug 2001        Biogen Unafraid Of Serono

15th Aug 2001        PwMS Delighted By Court Decision

15th Aug 2001        PwMS/Shooting Down MS

15th Aug 2001        EyeWonder Donates $1 Million To NMSS

15th Aug 2001        US: Lack Of At-Home Care For Disabled

15th Aug 2001        Scottish Rationing Body Fail PwMS

15th Aug 2001        NICE/INF-B And RA Drug

15th Aug 2001        US: PwMS Disability Claim

15th Aug 2001        President NMSS Chapter

15th Aug 2001        Wisconsin Delegation/Stem Cells

15th Aug 2001        Med MJ Company To Trial In Canada

15th Aug 2001        Bush Names Head Of Stem Cell Panel

15th Aug 2001        Britain Expects To Lead In Stem Cells

15th Aug 2001        Pro-Lifers Complain Of Abandonment

15th Aug 2001        US: HSS Secretary Defends Bush Decision

15th Aug 2001        US: Right To Die Rules

12th Aug 2001        Digest of Stem Cell Articles (long)

12th Aug 2001        White Matter Lesions/Celiac Disease

12th Aug 2001        MS Soc Calls for Long-Term Study of MS Drugs

12th Aug 2001        PwMS in Motorcycle Sidecar

12th Aug 2001        PwMS Wins Right to Die at Home

12th Aug 2001        Rights and Wrongs of INF-B

12th Aug 2001        Med MJ/Montana

12th Aug 2001        Drug Design Technology Platform

12th Aug 2001        Medline: Antibodies in MS

12th Aug 2001        Medline: Beta-Chemokines/CSF/RRMS

12th Aug 2001        Medline: Depression Treatments TH1 Immunity

12th Aug 2001        Medline: Pupillary Disturbances in MS

12th Aug 2001        Medline: Neuronal Apoptosis in Rat Model

12th Aug 2001        Medline: Proliferating Oligodendrocytes in Lesions

12th Aug 2001        Medline: Speed of Muscle Contractions in MS

12th Aug 2001        Medline: Quality of Life Measurements in MS

12th Aug 2001        Medline: Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation in MS

12th Aug 2001        Medline: Acquired Channelopathies/SCI/MS

12th Aug 2001        Kidney Hormone/Brain Cells

12th Aug 2001        PwMS Questions C.S.Lewis' Works

9th Aug 2001          Steroids/Osteoporosis Risk

9th Aug 2001          More On Molecular Mimicry

9th Aug 2001          Genes/Chips/CNS Stem Cells

9th Aug 2001          Opinion/Med MJ/US Should Follow Canada

9th Aug 2001          UK: Concern About NICE Ruling

9th Aug 2001          Opinion/Med MJ

9th Aug 2001          US: Bush to Decide on Stem Cells by September

9th Aug 2001          Medscape on NICE Decision

9th Aug 2001          UK/Group Offers Plan/NICE

9th Aug 2001          Stem Cells/Crohns

9th Aug 2001          Doctors Oppose Assisted Suicide

9th Aug 2001          Problems/Promise of Fetal Tissue

9th Aug 2001          PWMS/Disabled Sports

9th Aug 2001          Mammals Regenerate Tissue

9th Aug 2001          Researchers Clash/Human Cloning

8th Aug 2001          UK: NICE Draft Consultative Document (long)

8th Aug 2001          UK: NICE Appraisal Process To Date

7th Aug 2001          UK: NICE Rejects INF-B

7th Aug 2001          UK: INF-B/Last Hope

7th Aug 2001          UK: More On NICE Decision

7th Aug 2001          Diet Has No Effect On MS Risk

7th Aug 2001          Female SD Therapy

7th Aug 2001          Medline: Uric Acid in MS Twins

7th Aug 2001          Medline: Increased IL-18 in MS Serum

7th Aug 2001          Medline: PwMS in Nursing Homes

7th Aug 2001          Medline: MS Pattern in Parent-Child Pairs

7th Aug 2001          Market Opportunities for Stem Cell Research

7th Aug 2001          GW Pharm Criticised

7th Aug 2001          US Senator Urges More Orphan Drugs

7th Aug 2001          UK: PwMS Takes Dying Wish To Court

7th Aug 2001          Stem Cell Research/Ethical Issues

7th Aug 2001          Irvine And Artero

7th Aug 2001          Canada: Rock Visits Med MJ Mine

7th Aug 2001          Woman w/MS Leads W/C Pageant

7th Aug 2001          Man with Truck Fundraises for MS

7th Aug 2001          US: Police Powerless Over Handicapped Space Violators

7th Aug 2001          US: Crackdown on Handicapped Parking

7th Aug 2001          US: Handicapped Parking Enforcement

7th Aug 2001          Med. Journals/Scientific Independence

7th Aug 2001          Italy: First Human Clone Trial

7th Aug 2001          Book: When The Road Turns

7th Aug 2001          Med MJ/Nevada Workshops

7th Aug 2001          Cloning Stem Cells and Beyond

7th Aug 2001          Bailey Responds: Are Embryos People?

7th Aug 2001          Click On Canada For Drugs

3rd Aug 2001          Human Cloning In Canada

3rd Aug 2001          Germany: Chronic Disease Management

3rd Aug 2001          OxyContin/Potential Patients' Abuse

3rd Aug 2001          MelTec/Lymphocyte Analysis/Autoimmunity

3rd Aug 2001          Medscape Review: of Quest for a Cure

3rd Aug 2001          Woman w/MS First German Gay Bride

3rd Aug 2001          UK: Deputy PM Parks In Disabled Bay

3rd Aug 2001          Medline Abstract: Copaxone/MBP Antigen

3rd Aug 2001          Medline Abstract: Cyclophosphamide in Rapidly Deteriorating MS

3rd Aug 2001          Medline Abstract: Immunological Differences in PPMS

3rd Aug 2001          More On Canada's Med MJ Mine

3rd Aug 2001          Historic MS Cases

3rd Aug 2001          Details Of US Cloning Bill

3rd Aug 2001          Fukuyama/Stem Cells

3rd Aug 2001          Med MJ/Washington

3rd Aug 2001          Send Out The Clones

2nd Aug 2001          $800,000 NMSS Grant for MS Centre in Germany

2nd Aug 2001          More On Sylvia Lawry Centre

2nd Aug 2001          Israeli Stem Cell Successes

2nd Aug 2001          Questcor Buy Rights To AI Drug, Acthar

2nd Aug 2001          Compounds To Assist Oral Drug Delivery

2nd Aug 2001          ILEX/Campath/MS

2nd Aug 2001          US: House Votes To Ban All Human Cloning

2nd Aug 2001          More On The US Cloning Vote

2nd Aug 2001          US: Bush/Cloning/Stem Cells

2nd Aug 2001          US: Researchers Outflanked in Cloning Debate

2nd Aug 2001          Biotechnology Industry Organization On Cloning

2nd Aug 2001          NMSS Funding Opportunities

2nd Aug 2001          Opinion/Canada/Med MJ Bill was Rushed

2nd Aug 2001          Canada/Med MJ/Critics

2nd Aug 2001          Med MJ/Canada May Spark New Thinking

2nd Aug 2001          Med MJ Alternative

2nd Aug 2001          Erectile Dysfunction

2nd Aug 2001          Few Disabled Americans Get Benefits

2nd Aug 2001          Adaptive Water Sports Program

2nd Aug 2001          Interview/Thalidomide

2nd Aug 2001          Bush Strikes Patients' Rights Deal

2nd Aug 2001          Psychosocial Issues in SPMS

2nd Aug 2001          Footballer w/MS

2nd Aug 2001          More on Pryor Peoria

2nd Aug 2001          Woman w/MS