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When the Road Turns : Inspirational Stories About People With MS

by Margot Russell (Editor)
Paperback - (August 2001) 300 pages
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From Publishers Weekly

Roughly 200 people are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis each day, explains Margot Russell, who was herself diagnosed in 1998. In When the Road Turns: Inspirational Stories about People with MS, she presents 17 men and women who have committed themselves to persevering and living full lives despite their illness. Among them, Dave Perez, a divorced father who single-handedly cares for his three children, describes how he overcame his sense of despair as a victim of MS by focusing on living for his kids. Inbal Tsur, an Israeli artist, writes about how she has learned to manipulate a paintbrush with her mouth after losing the use of her arms.

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Book Description

"A book that reminds us to hold tight to our dreams, When The Road Turns is an inspiring collection of stories written by people living with multiple sclerosis. When you walk through the front door of these writer's lives, you won't leave without a renewed sense of hope and a new definition of courage." -Montel Williams

Each week in the United States 200 people are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, adding exponentially to the 350,000 people nationwide and the 2.5 million people worldwide with MS. This book is the first of its kind to share the real-life struggles and triumphs of those facing MS in one inspiring collection. In their own compelling words, seventeen people with MS take readers on a journey sharing their dreams, their emotional and physical battles, their struggle to accept the illness and their courage to create new lives. People like Israeli artist Inbal Tsur, who discovers a new way to paint after losing the use of her arms; renowned oceanographer Richard Radtke, who becomes the first disabled man to reach the South Pole; a pilot who battles the FAA to keep her pilot's license; and a woman who is now enjoying life as a mother to a new baby despite doctors' advice not to further risk her health by becoming pregnant.

When the Road Turns will be an encouragement for anyone with MS or other chronic illness, as well as those who want to better understand the disease, which may be affecting someone they love.

About the Author

Margot Russell has worked as a news broadcaster, a reporter and a television producer, and was diagnosed with MS in 1998. She is a speaker and Executive Director of the Sea of Dreams Foundation, which creates programs to better the lives of the disabled.