More MS news articles for August 2000

Date:  24 Aug 2000, 06:12:39 AM
Subject:  Going the Distance
Hello from Stamford, CT
This is just a brief note to remind you to watch Good Morning America tomorrow morning.  I will be biking into Times Square to be on the show, they have not given us a time as of yet, but I imagine it will be between 8 and 9. My family will be with me (except for John who will be in DC next week for the ride-in) and we think this is an incredible opportunity to once again talk about MS and everything we are trying to do for MS research. Please email or tell all your friends about the show.  The more people who hear the story, the more impact we will make in our quest to end this disease once and for all.
Also if you are in the NYC area please come to Bryant Park for the ride- in at 2:30 or to  Nations Bar in Times Square from 5 to 7pm.  You can get more info about this from my brother Andy at 718-857-2796.
See you soon!