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National Disability Party On-line Convention 2000

The National Disability Party Convention will be September 11-15, 2000.

Prior to the the Convention, Delegates will meet to vote on our Platform and to decide who the National Disability Party will Support in the 2000Presidential election between Bush, Gore, Nadar, and Buchanan.You will also need to select one Delegate from your group to act as Chairperson of the Delegation.

To be a Delegate for the Convention, choose which mailing list below best fits your disability.

We have a delegation for caregivers of a person with a disability and we also have a non-disabled delegation.

If you a member of the press, please join our Press mailing list and see how it all is but together.

Please join the main mailing list below for the National Disability Party AND one Delegation for the list of Disabilities below.

Any question or comments please contact Paul Cannaday at

Enjoy the Convention.

Paul Cannaday

Acting President of the National Disability Party