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National Disability Party ONLINE Convention will be held September 11-15, 2000

Press Release  August 14, 2000

The National Disability Party announces the dates for our annual Convention.

Our Convention will take place online, September 11-15, 2000.  We will set a precedent by having the first political convention, online. The National Disability Party will run the Convention as close to the format of the other parties' Conventions has possible.  The main difference will be delegates will not represent a state they will represent a disability.  I believe that the other parties will do online Conventions in the future.  The other parties will see the great potential in this kind of Convention.  It is really inexpensive, more people can be delegates, and they will get the same results as a conventional Convention.

Delegations are split up in to different disability groups, non-disabled, caregivers, and professional people who work with people with disabilities.

There is a press box mailing list, which will keep the press up to date on the Convention.  If you wish to be a delegate go the National Disability Party website at

and follow the link to the Convention.

Then sign up for a delegation.

If you are a person that has more than one disability.  You should choose the delegation of the disability that you feel would best represent you.  You may only join one delegation.

The party will not run the delegations, the chairman, which is picked by each delegation will run the delegation.  The party will answer technical questions and give each delegation the format of the Convention.

Before the Convention the delegations we decide which Presidential candidate the party will support between Bush, Gore, Nadar, Buchanan and or a write in candidate.

The delegations will meet before the Convention and will choose a chairperson and add to or subtract from the platform that I have created.

At the Convention will start an exploratory committee to seek people out to run for President and other public offices for the National Disability Party ticket in 2004.

At the Convention we will have a roll call vote on the platform and another roll call vote on which candidate we want for President.  One vote only per delegation.

We have asked many people to speak at the Convention.  Hopefully, some of the leaders of the disability movement will accept.  If you know of someone that you would like to speak at the Convention please write me at

The National Disability Party is not asking you to abandon your political party that you are currently a member, we ask you be a delegate to communicate your personal wishes to move the disability movement into the future.  To guide the US in the appropriate direction to end prejudice against people with disabilities.

You have nothing to lose and have the chance to change the country for the good of people with disabilities.

Be apart of a historical event.

Paul Cannaday
President of NDP

The National Disability Party
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