Multiple Sclerosis News for August 2000

31st Aug 2000:   Nick Irons Finishes Long Trek

31st Aug 2000:   Spasticity Management Clinic

31st Aug 2000:   Hog Snouts/Nerve Regeneration

29th Aug 2000:   Poliovirus/Genes/SpinalCord

28th Aug 2000:   Non-profit Pays H.I. Premiums

28th Aug 2000:   Research Fatigue

28th Aug 2000:   BMJ/Review of MS

28th Aug 2000:   Undress for MS

28th Aug 2000:   MBP Peptides Trials

28th Aug 2000:   Magnetic Fields

28th Aug 2000:   More on "Jean Therapy"

28th Aug 2000:   Chemotherapy/Stem Cells

28th Aug 2000:   Victoria Williams

24th Aug 2000:   Epstein-Barr/MS/Acyclovir

24th Aug 2000:   Doctors Leaving Canada

24th Aug 2000:   Nick Irons/Good Morning America

22nd Aug 2000:  Reeve Anger at Operation

22nd Aug 2000:  Cell Transplant/Stroke

22nd Aug 2000:  Copaxone/6 Year Study

22nd Aug 2000:  Med MJ/Nerve Pain

22nd Aug 2000:  UK No To Beta Interferon

17th Aug 2000:   Comedy pioneer Pryor honoured

17th Aug 2000:   Bone Marrow Transplants For MS

17th Aug 2000:   Baffling Disorders Often Stem From Immune System Failure

17th Aug 2000:   Biogen/Elan in multiple sclerosis drug venture

17th Aug 2000:   Clinical Trials Bring Out Your Inner Liar

17th Aug 2000:   St John's Wort might interfere with Prescription Drugs

17th Aug 2000:   Clinton: Disabled can fill IT jobs

17th Aug 2000:   MS Delegation for NDP party

17th Aug 2000:   HMOs pulling out the Medicare+Choice program

14th Aug 2000:   Parents with Disabilities

14th Aug 2000:   Doctors Leaving Canada

14th Aug 2000:   Marketing Copaxone in UK/EU

14th Aug 2000:   Avanir licences new CNS drug product

14th Aug 2000:   T cell receptor peptide vaccine research

14th Aug 2000:   Research into function of genes in the CNS

14th Aug 2000:   US Govt. rep. addresses MSAA

14th Aug 2000:   Scientists find options to some fetal tissue use

14th Aug 2000:   Antares Signs Agreement With NMSS

14th Aug 2000:   Beta Interferon-1A (Avonex) trial results

13th Aug 2000:   Tricyclic antidepressants and marijuana don't mix

13th Aug 2000:   National Disability Online Convention

11th Aug 2000:   Nick Irons

11th Aug 2000:   Breaches of Patient Privacy

10th Aug 2000:   MTV Films Has a Pryor Engagement

10th Aug 2000:   NMSS/Texas

10th Aug 2000:   Cleveland/MS Seminar

10th Aug 2000:   Beneficial Designs/Perter Axelson

10th Aug 2000:   Disabled People Must Vote

10th Aug 2000:   Canadian Med MJ Case

9th Aug 2000:     PWMS/Torch Relay

8th Aug 2000:     Sean Coman

7th Aug 2000:     Vertigo Rehab

6th Aug 2000:     MS Tennis Classic

6th Aug 2000:     Med MJ/Regs Canada

4th Aug 2000:     Clinton Adm. Opposes Ca Med MJ Law

3rd Aug 2000:    NICE: Update on the Appraisal of Beta Interferon/Glatiramer

3rd Aug 2000:    New Drugs Offer Hope For Those With M.S.

3rd Aug 2000:    Nerve Regeneration/Clinical Trial

3rd Aug 2000:    Current Treatments/New Hopes

3rd Aug 2000:    Human Cow Milk an MS Aid?

3rd Aug 2000:    MS: from Probable to definite diagnosis

3rd Aug 2000:    Genomic Targets for Drugs to Treat Autoimmune and Cardiac Diseases

3rd Aug 2000:    Heavenly 'Havana Nights' raises $350,000 for MS sufferers

2nd Aug 2000:    Naked Vaccination/MS & RA

1st Aug 2000:     Web site to recruit DNA donors

1st Aug 2000:     ADA/Music Bootleggers

1st Aug 2000:     Med MJ/Rheumatoid arthritis

1st Aug 2000:     Med MJ/Canada

1st Aug 2000:     Drug Cost Debate

1st Aug 2000:     ADA Column

1st Aug 2000:     ADA Column: Another View

1st Aug 2000:     US/Copaxone Sales Up 60%

1st Aug 2000:     Web Based Gene Project